mandag 30. mai 2011

monday morning randoms

Good Monday morning!

Even if I am on holiday I wake up early enough to get to work in time. Isn't it typical? 
Ah well, it is a beautiful day, no point wasting it!

Today is our last day in Oslo and we need to get everything ready to hand over the keys to the girl that is taking our apartment. After that we are just going to enjoy our last day as city people.

This upcoming week I will no doubt be a horrible blogger and just focus on getting our new home together. We need to paint quite a bit as well as fix up some old furniture that we are keeping. 
Promise I will take some pictures along the way so I can show you before and after shots later on :)

How about you, do you have any exciting plans for the upcoming week?

Images: WeHeartIt

søndag 29. mai 2011

the not so fun part

So yeah... Hope you guys are having more fun than we are today!

But later tonight we are going to the movies with my brother to watch 'the hangover 2' 
- hopefully that will make up for some of the scrubbing. *smile*

lørdag 28. mai 2011


So yesterday was my last day at work...
Now comes 2 weeks of holiday and moving!

*booooo* & *cheer* 

torsdag 26. mai 2011

thank you

Yesterday I had my goodbye party with work, and it was amazing. In a sad way. 
You know what I mean!

First we enjoyed a great meal at Olivia. The food was delicious (especially the balsamic marinated strawberries with mascarpone cream!), the wine was good and the company was GREAT.
After dinner we went out to a bar and enjoyed a few coronas before sundown when it was time to call it a night and go home to bed.

And you won't believe what my amazing colleagues had done! They had splashed out on a 2000 kr 
(365$ / 255€) gift certificate at Bohus - if that is not an extravagant departure gift, I donno what is! 
And did I mention that my boss paid everything - for the whole party of 10?

Wow. Just wow. 

You guys are the best and I am glad I get to work with you a bit longer 
- even if we won't be under the same roof anymore. Much love to you all!

{ And of course I can't wait to spend my gift on something pretty for our new home! }

Images: Bohus 

onsdag 25. mai 2011

my new friend & I

I have been drooling on this decorative room divider from Ellos for quite some time now,
but we never really had room for it earlier. Today I finally decided to make it mine.
I am sure it will look great in our new living room, in the bedroom or even on the balcony.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

tirsdag 24. mai 2011

busy bee

Packing, moving, planning, shopping, DIY projects, picking out colors, redecorating & painting.
I bet it would all be pretty exhausting - if it hadn't been so much FUN! *smile*

mandag 23. mai 2011

monday randoms

 Happy Monday cupcakes!

How has the weekend been treating you?
I have been spending a small fortune shopping for our new apartment *shame*
But that goes with the moving - does it not?

We also had a small goodbye party with some of my 'Oslo friends' with lots of laughter and tears.
As fun as it will be to move - it is not done without melancholy...

Images: WeheartIt

søndag 22. mai 2011

sunday swoon

1 & 2

This Sunday's loveliness comes from Bloomingville & Hjem i tiden.

Both these items stand well enough on their own - 
but don't you just love the foggy purples and matte gray together?


lørdag 21. mai 2011

happy weekend

Good morning cupcakes! Just stopping by to wish you all a happy weekend ♥

As you can imagine we are a bit busy with the big move these days
- but it is a good and exciting kind of  busy!

Today I ordered new curtains and rugs for the living room in our new home.
I just can't wait to get there and show you guys everything *smile*

10 days and counting!

onsdag 18. mai 2011

you don't need much

Here is part two of my brand new series 'how to make it livable with less':
Snag some lilacs from someone’s lawn on the way home from town and put them in an old thermos.

{ No, that is not really a new series - but it totally could have been *smile* }

mandag 16. mai 2011


The 17th of May we celebrate our national day here in Norway. It is kind of a BIG deal with everyone dressing up in their best clothes and going out in the streets to celebrate. I remember the day as one of the best days in the year from my childhood because we were allowed to have as many hotdogs, sodas and ice creams we could eat - no questions asked!

When you have sent most of your stuff with a moving company across the country it can be a challenge to make it nice and cozy around you, big holiday or not. But thanks to a few seasonal cookies from the bakery, a ribbon, a flower and these new additions to my milk glass collection from yesterdays Sunday market - I think we can manage to get in the 17th of May spirit!

And with one of my best friends Ulla inviting us over to her place for a three course meal I think we are pretty much set for a fabulous day tomorrow *smile*

Hurra for 17.mai!

søndag 15. mai 2011

and the winner is...

Big grats to the lovely Lidyll on winning my giveaway and running off with those amazing stamps.
I have no doubt you will find some clever use for them!

{Please send me your adress on and I will hand them over to the postman}


And while we are already on the subject of Lidyll - you need to head on over and have a look at this blog.

This colorful cotton candy sweet retro dream of a blog is guaranteed 
to put a smile on your face every time you visit. It is truly a gem! 

SignePling in rom 1-2-3

Got the lovely surprise when I woke up this morning that a few of my images has been picked out to be a part of an article about table setting in rom 1-2-3. So much fun - and thank you so much Trine :)

lørdag 14. mai 2011

me and my so-called shopping ban

I had this 'brilliant idea' a few weeks ago that I would not buy anything else before we get settled into our new apartment up north.

Needless to say I am failing miserably and here are a few things that I picked up downtown today. 
That I now have to go pack since our moving company is coming tomorrow. GO ME!

But I take comfort in the fact that some things are just way to pretty to leave behind! And we DO need more stuff now since our new apartment is like duoble the size of the old one - amiright?

Enjoy your weekend cupcakes

fredag 13. mai 2011

you silly blogger you!

I guess everybody in the blog world noticed the blogger chaos that has been going on for the last two days - which ended up with my last post and all the comments from the last two days being deleted.

I guess not much of greater importance was lost BUT if you had entered my giveaway and your comment got deleted you need to enter it again to stay in the contest. Just two days left now!

And I shared some news yesterday - that we just so happened to get a very nice apartment up north. 
Perfect distance to town, right next to the woods, 85 m2 and kept in white. Oh happy day!

onsdag 11. mai 2011

dress my nest

The lovely and creative Mrs.Hardy announced this fun challenge earlier this week that she calls 'dress my nest' - and after a quick look around it was pretty obvious that in both my closet and in our home it is white and florals that are dominating these days. Much like every spring and summer!

What about you - do you get inspired by the same things when it comes to your house and wardrobe?

tirsdag 10. mai 2011

[DIY] extra storage

Don't know where to keep your spaghetti? Sick of ugly cardboard boxes taking up space in the kitchen? Here is a tip on how to get some good looking extra storage with minimum effort! 

Take a cylinder from a wine, or in this case a Champagne bottle. Spray paint it in the color of your choice. I find that you get the best result if you can get your hands on a cylinder with some kind of pattern or writing in the metal itself - it gives a bit of extra detail and a hint of where the item comes from.

I made this one last weekend in matte white and I will use it to store the espresso coffee buttons that we use in melody. Easy, cheap, stylish and friendly towards the environment!

You like?

mandag 9. mai 2011

some randoms. on a monday.

Images found on WeHeartIt.

Happy Monday Cupcakes!

How has the weekend been treating you? We have had a great time with summer temperatures in Oslo, a trip to Ikea and loads of rest. Which is a good thing - because today we start packing! After work it is off to get some cardboard boxes and let the fun begin! Phew!

What about you? Any fun plans for the upcoming week?

Pssst! And be sure you don't miss out on my giveaway. If you like stamps that is!

søndag 8. mai 2011

sunday swoon

1 & 2

The new H&M Home line 'Light feeling' is just right up my alley, and especially 
this cotton/english lace bedspread and these crocheted boxes. Totally swoonworthy!

fredag 6. mai 2011


It's time for another giveaway here on SignePling - to celebrate that I have passed 300 google friends and above all YOU guys that keep coming back to read my ramblings or have a look at my amateur pictures!

This time one lucky winner can get her (or his) hands on:

♥ One set of alphabet and number stamps - Swedish style!
(And don't worry, the set in the pictures is mine, yours will be brand spanking new.)
♥ One Black and one Chateau Gray ink pad to go with your new stamps.
♥ A lovely scarf from H&M. It is not in the pictures so it will just have to stay a surprise, but I can tell you it is blue and white with little birdies on. Pretty pretty!

How to enter:

1) It's easy! Just follow SignePling and leave a comment below.

For extra entries:
2) Add my giveaway button on your blog.
3) Post about this giveaway.

The giveaway is open for all my readers - if you don't have a blog just leave your e-mail adress :)

A winner will be chosen on May 15th.

Have a happy weekend cupcakes!

torsdag 5. mai 2011


Happy Thursday cupcakes! 

How is your week coming along? Mine have been just great so far!
The reasons for that you ask? Well:

1) I have found what seems to be a good moving company at a decent price.
2) We had the best time with Casper's family!
3) A colleague is going to take over our old apartment and buy a lot of the furniture we have here.
That means minimum hassle for me!

4) I passed 300 followers and 24 000 visitors! Wowza, you guys are just the best ♥

Todays post is a bit inspired by some great posts I have seen lately as participants in NIB's May Challenge. And don't you just love to set the table in a nice way - even on a boring Thursday?

tirsdag 3. mai 2011

[DIY] as good as new

This is how I spent the first half of my Monday; with a Mocha and a can of 'Quick' white matte spray. And with that my former neon blue balcony chair has gotten a raise and a new position as kitchen chair. It does not look half bad if I might say so myself, now I just have to find 3 fitting friends for it!

And for those who are wondering we spent the second half of the day with family, white wine and homemade fish soup. What a great Monday! *smile*

mandag 2. mai 2011

monday morning randoms

Images: WeHeartIt

Happy Monday cupcakes!

How was your weekend? My Saturday was just great and so was Sunday!
We spent it with Casper's family and with a Norwegian style brunch, some sightseeing and then in the evening we ate at Villa Paradiso. I just love that place and I swear they serve the best pizza in town!

Now I am going to enjoy one final day off in the sun before it is back to work tomorrow *smile*

How about you, did you do anything fun this weekend?

søndag 1. mai 2011

sunday swoon

1 & 2

This is the first post in a new series here on SignePling that I have called 'Sunday swoon'.

Every Sunday from now on I will collect a few things from around the web that I think is really worth spending some of my hard earned cash on. It might be something small and cheap or maybe something that is way out of my price range - but common to them all is that they are welcome to move into my house, garden or closet at any time!

I am starting the series with these dreamy fabrics from the Norwegian web shop Ellos. How amazing is it that you can get this lovely set of curtains and two amazing pillows for only 427 kr / 80 $ / 55 €?

I wish you all a happy 1st of May!