onsdag 11. mai 2011

dress my nest

The lovely and creative Mrs.Hardy announced this fun challenge earlier this week that she calls 'dress my nest' - and after a quick look around it was pretty obvious that in both my closet and in our home it is white and florals that are dominating these days. Much like every spring and summer!

What about you - do you get inspired by the same things when it comes to your house and wardrobe?

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  1. Yes, pretty much. I wrote something like that a while ago on my blog; that I dress like I live. :-)

    Love the pics! :-)

  2. um i think i have 2 different astetics when it comes to decor and fashion

  3. Nydelig sammensetning :O)

  4. Så vakkert! Skjønne farver sammen!

    Ønsker deg en glad onsdag!


  5. ...so peaceful and breezy. I like the colors.


  6. I'm the same way! The things I like to wear are pretty much the things I like to decorate with too. I've noticed people either like the same for both, or their wardrobe and decor are polar opposites.

  7. i love that pink lemonade bottle! I wonder if i can get those here. Ive also been trying to get some Arizona iced tea - purely for the bottles!

    Today ive been trying to decide on a colour scheme for a party. Any ideas? I cant decide!

  8. i replied to your comment on my blog but just incase you didnt get it!

    I found these and instantly thought of you..


  9. så flotte bilder og sammensetninger!
    Så gøy at og er med!!
    liker at solen skinner gjennom klesplagget :)
    klem manu

  10. Those are some lovely items :)... I'm curious to know if my wardrobe will match my house but some how I doubt it.

  11. The two definitely overlap, though i think i take more risks in my decor:-). Your pics are very lovely! Love the idea behind Dress My Nest! XX

  12. Hei..og takk for koselig kommentar:)
    Super fin collage:)
    Ha en fortsatt fin kveld:)

  13. I like this challenge well and when I have time I'll start!
    Balmy evening, Nedj !

  14. hei signe
    & 1000 takk for dine koselige ord!
    og så nydelig bildene dine er..
    herlig & vakkert.

    klem fra meg

  15. in summer I try to bring in lighter colors in my home and I guess that goes for my wardrobe too, so to answer you question, yes :)

  16. Very much so and your photos are stunning, darling. Have a relaxing evening. Muah

    Ps: I’m hosting a beautiful dress GIVEAWAY today! Just in time for summer!

  17. Oh, how gorgeous! My look, whether its my clothes, grooming, or home is all the same-classic with a hint of prep!

  18. are those your photos??? i like!!

  19. Mannn, I saw that lemonade at Winners and I was going to buy it but decided not to. And now I see it everywhere in the blog world! It taunts me!

    Is it good? I think I might have to go back and buy it just to satisfy my curiosity.

  20. Lovely photos ... and your beautiful possessions have me thinking of femininity and spring. The seasons definitely influence what's in my house and in my heart ... right now for me it's all about autumn.

  21. Nydelige bilder. En nydelig sammensetning.

    Takk for koselige kommentarer hos meg.
    Håper din torsdag er god! Klem fra meg*

  22. oh my, how pretty!

    I see a lot of cookbooks and baking stuff in my home, does that count?!! ;-)

    PS. Of course I'll bring biscotti, pecan pie and everything I know how to bake to the summer house! You better get that house girl because I'm already making menus!!!

  23. Nydelig! Som du og bloggen din!;)

  24. Nydelig, nydelig, nydelig'smile*
    ..må visst få ut fingeren og fikse et innlegg til denne utfordringen! Er jo så morro å være med*smile*

    ..lekkert bidrag her fra deg!*smile*

  25. Liker det kjempegodt!
    Særlig at lyset skinner gjennom blusen.
    Så nydelige bilder du tar!
    Gøy du er med, flinkis!
    klem m