onsdag 13. april 2011

well hello good looking

Things to be happy about today:
  1. This adorable milk glass bowl that Cas found in a thrift store this weekend.
    We got it for 10 kr / 1,20 € / 1,80 $ - what a steal!
  2. 7 weeks left until we move up north! We are SO excited about it!
  3. That I ordered a new wide angle lens for my camera that is on its way in the mail.
    Can't wait to test it out!
  4. Just a few days until the weekend is upon us again and next week I have Easter holiday from Wednesday. Oh joy!
  5. Supernatural season 3.
What do you have to be happy (or sad) about today cupcakes?

28 kommentarer:

  1. mmm, cupcakes... that sounds good. LOL. Today the sun is shining ( for now ) the birds are singing....I cant wait for spring/summer to stay.

  2. I am happy as I received 2 super stuffed boxed items with the most amazing gifts in today... it really made my day.

    That there are 2 days until the weekend and then I have 2 weeks and 1 day off.

    but I am sad that the weather has changed so much as its so--ooo cold...but its spring and its the uk so anythings possible.

  3. This is beautiful! And what a lovely photo...love the way it looks with the candle.

  4. What a wonderful milk glass bowl-I can just see it filled with Easter candy!

    John found out today that he wasn't selected to play in a masterclass he was hoping for, so that's a bit of a disappointment, but hopefully all his other performances this week will keep him busy!

  5. jealous you are getting a new lens. which one? i'm saving up and losing my patience.

  6. I can't wait to see your wide angle pics! i've been wanting one of those lenses for a long time!

  7. how sweet of Cas to get this for you, and your collection begins :)

  8. That milk glass looks so beautiful, darling. Kisses and hugs...(sweet dreams)

  9. I'm totally excited to hear about your move up North. It's super exciting, though I'm totally across the planet, and we've never met. And this milk glass is a wonderful find. Super cute.

    Hugs and kisses,

  10. That's gorgeous!
    And I'm already looking forward to seeing what you'll do with that new lens.

    I'm actually planning something exciting photography-wise too. Probably this week still, I'm ordering a Diana F+, can't wait:D And it's my birthday this weekend, so lots to look forward too!

    Have a great day!

  11. No way, that price?

    Good buy! xx

  12. It's just lovely! What a wonderful buy :)


  13. I believe your milk glass collection will be extraordinary! And I cannot wait to see photos from the new place up north ;-)

  14. i love that!! I cant wait to see images too. I keep watching the video you posted about the aurora borealis.

  15. I love your new piece of milk glassware - so, so pretty! What lovely things you have to be happy for :)
    Melissa xx

  16. Happy that I have the whole day free to read a book and blogs!:D

    Happy Thursday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  17. What else ??!!
    Beautiful evening !


  18. Åh, nå ble jeg sentimental merker jeg....akkurat den stettbollen hadde jeg også...hadde arvet den etter min mormor...men i sist flytting, gikk den i tusen knas...*snufs*

    ...men jeg unner deg et godt funn fordet altså!*hihi* Flott bilde!og ja, nydelig stettbolle!*smile*

    ...tenk at dere flytter snart ja...du skal vel fortsette bloggingen der oppi i nor håper jeg?*smile*

    Ønsker deg en fortsatt flott flott kveld!
    'klem fra meg

  19. aw signe, first i love that you offer us the liberty of writing down our sadnesses! :) i love your milk glass and wish you two lovebirds the very best with your move!!! i'm happy for the second cup of morning coffee the hubby just brought me. and for one handed typing while i embrace a calm baby in the crook of my other arm/hand. tho it's definitely more time consuming :)

  20. Den skålen var helt nydelig, veldig søt og nostalgisk stil! Håper dere vil trives nordpå, det blir sikkert litt av en overgang til å begynne med, men som nordlendning selv synes jeg jo at det er flott at noen kommer flyttende hit til fylket også:)

    Jeg er glad fordi jeg gjennomførte en lang joggetur i går selv om det regnet, for at det snart er helg, fordi jeg spiste middag sammen med moren min idag og fordi jeg skal til Hellas i påsken og ha ferie sammen med mannen min som har vært der nede i 7 uker alt! Ha en fin kveld!

  21. Happy for an unexpected, sweet gift from a blogging friend!
    Hugs, lovely Signe!

  22. Beautiful and inspiring image

  23. Milk glass makes me happy! I love it so much :)

    Do you have a Twitter at all?

  24. how beautiful! i love candles :)

  25. How nice!
    Wish you a wonderful weekend,
    Big Hugs,

  26. æ e glad for at vi har fått leilighet i oslo igjen :) veldig fin den kvite lysestaken!!

  27. Så mange fine ting du kan glede deg over!
    Jeg er glad for å være på ferie:)
    Klem manu