fredag 15. april 2011


Finally Friday cupcakes! Phew! And just a few days left until Easter!

How are the Easter preparations coming along at your house? I have to admit that I am not the one that decorates the most for Easter, but at least I got some yellow tulips and I am sure to leave my few yellow things out on the table - for this week only!

We are planning a nice and quiet weekend maybe with the exception of a small trip to IKEA tomorrow to pick up a few things we need to bring with us up north.

What are your plans for the weekend? 

And have you started your Easter holiday already?

10 kommentarer:

  1. Deilig med fredag kveld! Jeg skal faktisk reise til Hellas i påsken, så jeg står over pyntingen i år. Litt synd egentlig, det er så koselig med gule tulipaner og litt påskepynt, og så skifter jeg alltid gardiner til påske! Ikke at jeg klager, det blir flott å oppleve Gresk påske! Ha en fin helg!

  2. Unfortunately I have started my easter holiday with the consumption of far too many cadbury eggs. Yikes! They're so hard to resist! (especially the orange creme ones).

  3. Gorgeous tulips, how bright and cheery! I'm not a huge Easter decorator either, but I certainly love a fresh bouquet all year round. Enjoy your trip to Ikea, and happy Spring! Xo, Katie

  4. finally friday is right, this week has been long. Have fun on your trip ti Ikea, that place is crazy awesome

  5. we celebrate Greek Easter, but we're putting it off for a week, to wait for my boyfriends family to get into town.

    I'm have no plans other than homework and cleaning for the weekend... and as ridiculous as it sounds, I'm actually kind of glad! :]

  6. I haven't done anything for easter.. Maybe this weekend I will get something up!


  7. Love the yellow in your collage Signe! Have a great weekend and have fun at Ikea! I always do!


  8. enjoy your trip to ikea! i'm lovin your yellow tulippy tables!

  9. I'm not much of a decorator at Easter but I'll definitely buy yellow flowers and napkins. And I have this white branch which I put in a vase and decorate with small Easter egg ornaments.

    Have a wonderful weekend Signe!

  10. Yes, thank goodness it's the weekend! :)
    I have done absolutely nothing to prepare for Easter yet ... I'm just looking forward to some time off.