fredag 20. august 2010


I dag så jeg et bilde av meg selv som ble tatt på Øyafestivalen noen år tilbake, og jeg tenkte bare 'What the..? Hvor er dobbelthaka?'

På tide å skjerpe seg! Fra og med førstkommende mandag starter jeg et nytt og bedre liv! Ikke mer trippel cheese Pizza. Ikke mer halvfabrikata og kjappe måltid. Ikke mer brus og snacks. Ikke mer pasta. Ikke mer wienerbrød. Ikke mer soft-is eller Burger King til lunch (sorry Hege!)
Mer rent vann. Mer grønnsaker. Mer fisk. Mer frokost. Mer sunne måltider laget fra bunnen med friske råvarer. Mer frukt. Mer salat.

Utenom på lørdager! Da skal jeg spise akkurat det jeg vil! Altså fare for at innlegg om mat kommer til å havne på lørdager heretter :)

Okay, that’s it! Found an old picture of me today and all I thought was ‘What the..? Where is the extra chin?’ Apparently it was not always there! So come Monday I’m starting a new and better life. There will be less snacks and soda, less precooked dinners, less meat, less pasta and less late night raids to the fridge. More water, more fruit, more vegetables, more healthy dinners cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients, more salads, more breakfasts and more fish.

Except on Saturdays, then I am going to take a day off and eat whatever I like. So be warned, any food post might fall on a Saturday from now on.
Wish me luck!

Ow, and the picture if you are curious! 
Ignore that I am a little tipsy, it’s taken on a festival after all :)

7 kommentarer:

  1. I love this joyful photo! Not to mention the delicious-looking drink and food! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  2. no way do you need to lose weight, this photos great but you took one the other day when you cut your fringe and that looked great too. Its just depends on how you feel about a particilar photo I guess but then again having healthier meals will make one feel better healthwise anyway.

  3. i agree with the above:) must admit im on kind of trying the same regime myself,trying to be a bit more healthy... have a great weekend in tigerstaden!!!

  4. You have a lovely smile(tipsy or not:-)). First time to your blog too. I say yay for a healthier lifestyle. I'm trying to do the same too!

  5. you are so pretty - in all your photos! Good luck with eating healthier! I started last week, so far so good. :)

  6. You look so charming!:D I am starting to get better with my fitness too.:D

    I am your newest follower!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. lol i think you look fine from the photographs , there is no need to lose weight but eating healthy is a good thing

    i cant eat healthy lol i totally love junk food