lørdag 2. april 2011

I would rather have Champagne

  1. Jadite shakers - Sadieolive
  2. Gray back pack - Kinies
  3. Cardigan - Ginatricot
  4. Champagne print - Dearcolleen
  5. Dragon clouds earrings - NotenboomCeramics
  6. Lunar globe - Tenhailmarys
Ah, lovely Saturday! I am just enjoying my iced coffee before we will jump in our brand new tracking boots and have a long stroll around town. We need to break them in and make them nice and comfy before we move up north so we won't have to struggle with blisters while walking some mountain!

And later I think I will have a go at making homemade focaccia. I never got around to that last weekend since I had forgotten to buy yeast. *shame* 
I am just such a rookie when it comes to baking!

What are your plans for this first Saturday in April cupcakes?
I hope you'll enjoy every minute :)

21 kommentarer:

  1. That cardigan can move home to me please! I´m actually going to clean a bit since I want to stay ahead until we go on vacation. I´m in the right cleaning mood though, so it feels fine! :-)

  2. Love the earrings and the jadite shakers.
    Thank you for all beautiful inspirations always on your blog!!!
    Wish you a wonderful weekend,
    Big Hugs,

  3. Jatakk til Champagne når som helst:) Den cardiganen kan forresten gjerne få bo i klesskapet mitt! Dagen i dag går med til litt innkjøp til helgen og litt rengjøring, og så feire min mors fødselsdag med Coq au Vin, mer vin i glasset og godt selskap! Ha en fin helg!

  4. Dragon clouds earrings: me adore!!!!

    have a lovely weekend! :))


  5. Have fun, sweetie! I'm having an iced coffee right now before I hit the road on down to Philly :) xoxo

  6. Beautiful soft colors!
    I wish you a nice ride .. Here the sun lies a little .. this weekend will rest before resuming work!
    Lovely Saturday, Nedj


  7. Sounds like the perfect weekend. Good luck breaking in your boots :) Love those cloud earrings you featured!

  8. OMG i wanna the dragon clouds earrings
    Happy weekend!
    ;) Fede

  9. This is really cute. I'd always rather have champagne! Thanks for the link to those green salt and pepper shakers. I always loved that style of glass, but never knew they were called "Jadeite".


  10. The dragon cloud earrings are so lovely...makes me wish I wore earrings!

  11. ooohhh... mint green and gray are awesome color combos. love the cardigan, backpack and earrings.

  12. I'd rather have champagne too:-)Sounds like you're going to have a beautiful weekend. XX

  13. I swear I had the same grey back pack when I was a kid!

  14. finnmark e flatt ja,masse luft rundt øran der oppe! rolig helg her,men hadde ikkje takka nei t champagne :)
    go hælg!!!

  15. I loved the tone of that color is so delicate

  16. i love that back pack and cardigan! i hope you had a lovely saturday! :D

    <3, Mimi

  17. my Saturday consisted of coffee & croissants on the balcony and then playing/reading in the Nightingale Park in 24°C ... not bad at all ;-)

    Have fun with baking and walking!

  18. I hope that the boots weren't too painful and that you had a lovely walk around.

    Have a great weekend :)

  19. I love all of these finds! let us know how the focaccia turns out!

  20. ohh that backpack is beautiful!

  21. I love all the colours on your blog! The pics are amazing!