søndag 24. april 2011

the collection

Some of you have been asking how my milk glass collection is coming along so here are a few pictures of the pieces I have been able to get my hands on so far.

At first I imagined that I would be collection decorative pieces only but then I fell in love with a Sunkist juicer and now I am collecting various kitchen items as well.

I am trying to take it easy and not buy more stuff these days since we are moving soon and it only means more stuff to drag all the way across the country, but let me tell you it is hard with all the lovely milk glass on Etsy! I am still awaiting a candle holder and another vase that is on the way in the mail but after that it is full STOP!

One of my favorite items so far is the small fan shaped hobnail vase from Fenton that you can see in the middle picture. So pretty! Next up on my wish list is an identical big one.

You can also see a few more images of my collection here & here.

9 kommentarer:

  1. Vakre bilder!!
    Så lekkert med hvitt og rosa sammen♥
    Nyt siste delen av ferien!:)

  2. You have an amazing milk glass collection!! I have only just started my collection but it is becoming quite addicting!!



  3. I hear ya about not buying things and because of moving. Austin and I are trying to save money because we are moving in five days to Houston, and we also have a trip to Iceland and NYC booked. It's tight right now!!

    You Are My Favorite

  4. Wonderful pictures! Lovely blog!
    Happy Easter,


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  5. beautiful collection!! hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  6. oh wow, that is such a lovely collection and I don't blame you for wanting all the ones you see but hopefully once you move up north in a couple of weeks you'll get to start shopping again.

  7. this looks fabulous ... totally understand why you fell for that juicer.

    Can't Cas build you a milk glass house up North? I'm just saying..

  8. this is beautiful! I love milk glass- especially hobnail!