fredag 11. mars 2011

right now...

I'm reading  ~ Interior magazines, interior magazines and more interior magazines.
I'm listening to ~ Ray Lamontagne 'Hold you in my arms'
I'm watching ~ About to start on Dexter season 3 and The Wire.
I'm dreading ~ Going back to the hospital for some more testing by the stomach specialists. I am positive about the whole thing but still dreading it a bit... How sick can I be when I feel almost fine - right? 
I'm happy about ~ That the hospital let me go home again for now! Let me tell you - Cas makes a better nurse than any of the staff at Aker Hospital!
I'm excited about ~ Moving up north! 11 weeks and counting! *happy dance*
I'm craving ~ Sleep! So happy I can sleep in my own bed again tonight!
I'm wanting ~ To find a nice little crib close to either the forest or the water for me and Cas.
I'm hoping ~ To stay healthy for years to come. Fingers crossed!

Pssst! And thank you for all the sweet comments you sent me while I was in the hospital, you guys are THE BEST! 

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13 kommentarer:

  1. Good to hear that you're back home and good luck with everything. I'm pretty sure these are just love cramps or happy-about-moving-up-North cramps or something like that, which doctors have never heard of ;-)

  2. ooooohhh, please...let me know about you, about your stomach...i've been a little worried during these days..I miss my "angel" know what I mean!
    Finger crossed and a warm hug to you!

  3. Sending you all kinds of healthy vibes and hoping it goes well and that you get good news. And yay for Ray Lamontagne! I saw him this fall and it was such a beautiful show.

  4. glad to hear you are back home, hospitals give me the willies

  5. Happy to hear you are out - and hopefully it stays that way!

    Been watching The Wire too!! Good, eh!?

  6. happy to hear your are feeling like yourself again! I am sure your next visit will go well, and hopefully you won't have to see hospitals for a while :) They say love cures all :)

  7. I'm so glad to read that your finally back home resting in your own bed, even though you sleep plenty in the hospital you still feel seriously exhausted.

    Have a great weekend?

  8. Hope you'll get well soon and don't need to go back to the hospital again.. I'm sure those 11 weeks will pass by very quick:)

  9. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  10. So sorry to hear you were stuck in the hospital, sweetie! Glad that you're home now. Hope the tests go well and that you feel better. xoxo

  11. so sorry to hear you're sick :( i hate hospitals. but that bed reminds me of my own, and its always best to be in your own bed :)

  12. Have a great weekend, Signe!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  13. I hope your doctor's visit goes well!