lørdag 26. mars 2011

just keep calm...

  1. Short dress - H&M
  2. Shoes - from H&M
  3. Letter I - from Marjji
  4. Pale pink vegan leather bag - from Tracce bags
  5. Tiny french pink brooch - from Hope & Vanilla
  6. Milk Glass Coffee Cups - from Big Mommys Attic

How has this last week in March been treating you? Oslo has been showing off with great weather and spring in the air all week long! It does not get much better than that!

For the weekend we have planned a shopping trip downtown today to get some things we want to bring up north and later we are going to have a go at making homemade foccacia. YUM! Tomorrow we are indulging and making homemade chili burgers. Even more YUM!

Enjoy the sun, the spring and the weekend cupcakes!

{ And would you look at that! Not a single 'via'! You happy now Lisa dear? }

22 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, the shoes are great! I think I have to go to H&M!!!!
    Wish you a wonderful weekend,
    big Hugs,

  2. Oh that's soooo pretty! Thank you so much for telling about Tracce bags - I WANT one!!!!!! I'm off to have a look at her Etsy shop. Warmest wishes - Glenda

  3. Such a lovely colour combination as always... your weekend sounds great and all the homemade food will make it extra delicious.

    We have also had the most amazing sunshine this week and I hope next week being the final week of March and seeing in April will be the same.

    Have a Fantastic weekend Signe :D

  4. love the bag! :)


  5. Hei Signe, jeg "fant" deg nettopp på Village's blogg, det var så uvant å se et norsk navn blant alle de andre. Du har en utrolig fin blogg, liker utformingen veldig godt, måten du holder alt i duse, avdempede farger, helt nydelig! Og så skriver du om litt av alt, det har jeg sansen for:) Ønsker deg en fin helg!

  6. Lovely Shopping, aren't they?
    The weather here is a bit whimsical now. Hope the warm spring with cherry blossoms comes soon.
    looking forward next to the post♡♡♡

  7. love! i'm totally into those soft beigey, pinky, creamy tones right now! xo, katie

  8. i will be very calm in that light pink vegan bag! :)

  9. Gorgeous colors! They're just perfect! And I'm in love with that bag. Off to check it out now :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie xoxo

  10. Dear Signe,
    I just fell in love with this gorgeous soft toned bag! What a beauty!Love your fine findings...:)
    Hugs and enjoy the sun!
    Beate :)

  11. Such pretty pastel colors ....
    And this bag, I love it!
    Nice end of day

  12. Love this color palette. That bag is fantastic! Perfect for spring.

  13. Como siempre un placer volver por tu casa.

    Saludos y un abrazo.

  14. That bag and those coffee cups are absolutely to die for!! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I was wondering of you would like to exchange links? As part of my face bloggers I'm selecting only 5 I absolutely adore! I will be making up buttons to suit various blog styles!

  15. Um, well, it's still snowing. But with that dress and those shoes from H&M, I couldn't be happier!


  16. No via ... you make me so proud ;-)

    All this homemade stuff sounds fabulous and everything in those images is gorgeous; I want it all!

    On the Belgian frontiers we enjoyed homemade pizza for dinner and I was taking a french chocolate cake out of the oven for dessert. How does that sound for a wonderful Saturday evening ;-)

  17. i'm swooning over the pink bag. lovely collection!

  18. Beautiful!

    And focaccia, mmm, love that!

    Have a great weekend:)

  19. Gorgeous colors. Love the bag. I want H&M in Australia!! Mmmmmmm focaccia....
    Rebecca x

  20. Love that bag!!
    Enjoy the beautiful weather!
    Here in Los Angeles we are getting rain and clouds. It's so unusual! But, it's a nice break from the constant sun, which will be here soon enough! :)
    Have a happy weekend!!

  21. I adore these soft colors! The bag is absolutely gorgeous! Hope you have a great week. Ada