søndag 6. mars 2011

going north

Images: 1&3 - Erik Fokke / 2&4 - unknown

Now why would anyone go and move north of the polar circle?

Is it for the summer? With its seagulls, wild flowers everywhere and midnight sun? That's all nice and dandy but when you think about it - summer is nice everywhere! 

It's NOT for the spring that arrives late in May - that’s for sure... 
Is it for the winter? With its crisp air, aurora borealis and months spent in darkness? Where people hibernate in their homes with lit candles and just wait out the sun - and when it's first rays finally hits you in January you are filled with such joy that you can't even begin to describe it? It certainly has its charm, but I am sure that is not it..? 
Is it perhaps the autumn? Where the nights grow darker every day and the nature all around you is on fire with colors? When the storm shakes your house and blows you off the sidewalk?

Is it the front row seat to the ever changing dance of the seasons? 

Happening all around you so that you are sucked into it and feel like you are part of it all?

Is it the fresh seafood? 

Is it the moose steak every fall? 
Is it the fresh trout cooked on a bonfire?
Is it the blueberries growing right outside your door?

Is it in the roaring sea or the ever changing sky? 

Or when they meet up on the middle so that blue is all you can see?

Is it the time that just seem to move slower? 

Where everything moves in a lower gear and 'stress' is a very little used term?

Or is it in your blood? 

If you grew up in headwind with the salty sea breeze in your hair and the impatience roaring in your blood like the storm - can you really ever be happy anywhere else?

Beats me!

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  1. När jag ser bilderna så förstår jag dig helt och hållet!!!! WOW! Och vilken härlig luft det måste vara...!


  2. Fantastisk flotte bilder !!
    Forstår du lengter tilbake :)

  3. This sounds so great and it actually makes me want to see it for myself :)

  4. I hope I can someday go to the north and have a look at it myself.
    Great images!
    Wish you a nice sunday,

  5. Aww seeing those images makes me want to go their again! It's just gorgeous I can really understand you wanting to live there:)
    Have a lovely sunday:)

  6. signe,kor fint! e man født vesteråling,så e man vesteråling førr bestandig,m saltsmak i munnen og loppe i blodet :)

  7. FANTASTISKE BILDER!!! Skjønner godt at du ønsker å flytte tilbake. Selv er jeg ihuga sørlending, men jobben min gjør at jeg har mulighet til å være i Nord-Norge mange dager hver måned, og jeg ELSKER det! Det er noe med det nordnorske lynnet og ikke minst naturen som gjør landsdelen uimotståelig :)


  8. Marvelous pictures☆
    What a gorgeous place.
    I will never be able to have the privilege to see. Take Care!!!

  9. The photos are gorgeous! xo

  10. Glorious view~
    would love to be there in person one day!

  11. Those photos might say everything--words unnecessary. It certainly looks crisp and more beautiful than I could imagine.

  12. All those reasons . . . SOUNDS GOOD TO ME.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous...can see why you want to go!!

  14. Did you say blueberries growing right outside your door? I'm so packing and coming with you!

    I love this post. In some ways it's like you are describing my home country, Iceland. I know all about cold stormy winters with darkness. And the aurora borealis ... I miss those; my late grandfather used to tell me it were the angels dancing. But I don't miss my country like you miss the North. So much has changed, there's just so much negativity because of the economic crisis. I doubt I'll ever move back. From now on I guess I'll occasionally be a tourist in my own country.

    Enjoy the rest of your day ;-)

  15. It's definitely all of it :) I've always wanted to see northern lights....I'm jealous :)

  16. This post took my breath away.....it reminds me a lot of where I grew up, Latvia. I think nature is in our blood, the seasons flow through our veins...its hard to ever completely escape that. SO glad you are going back to your roots :)

  17. These are all very beautiful photos, but the icy atmosphere of them is quite undesirable right now! I want warm sunshine! ;)


  18. Wow. Wow. And wow. Can't wait to see more images like this! Absolutely stunning. Love your writing too :)

  19. I think it's safe to say that I'm jealous of your adventure!! This place sounds amazing.

  20. What a lovely post...such a beautiful area...I can see why you have fallen in LOVE!

    Thank you for visiting me the other day...my daughter is heading to Norway to visit a friend and I am soooooo wishing it was ME! xoxo

  21. Så fine bilda du ha funne - og ja, det ligg nok i blodet! Spesielt det blå lyset, det fant æ ut da æ bodde sørpå - æ fikk ju mangelsykdom på "blå-lys" :-)Gleda mæ nu tel å få nett heime... :-(

  22. Wow Signe, I have to say, I've been completely drawn in to your posts about you moving back North. I've never been so far North in this world to visit, let alone live there. I'm a hot weather girl, I don't know how to survive up there. It sure looks beautiful, and I am dying* to see more pictures. I absolutely cannot wait to see.

    Happy day!

  23. Beautiful photos, I am sure you will enjoy your move.

    ***** Marie *****

  24. Looks beautiful up there. I've been up to Denmark and Sweden, but not Norway....hope to one day with the hubby. Good luck on your move and can't wait to read stories about it there.


  25. For noen fantastisk NYDELIGE bilder! :)

    Håper du har en fin søndag! :)