torsdag 31. mars 2011

do what you love, and do it often

Happy Thursday cupcakes!

How is your week coming along? Mine has been good so far and now it is only 1 day left until the weekend. Saturday we are going to a farmers market in town and I just can't wait! All those homemade treats makes my mouth water just from thinking about it :)

What about you, do you have anything exciting planned?

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  1. hello dear friend!

    hope you are doing well. it's been so long since i visited your lovely blog. love the colours and quote in this collage...have a fab weekend and come say hi soon! :)


  2. Du tar virkelig helt fantastiske bilder! Kos deg på markedet:)

  3. I love that quote!

    Farmers market sounds excellent. Maybe I should do the same this weekend because homemade stuff is of course what I love the most.

    Have a wonderful day ;-)

    PS. Your tulips make me happy!

  4. Lovely pic!

    Nope, still having countdown til our vacation so my brain can´t focus on anything else! :-D

  5. Sounds like fun - and similar to mine, but I am doing a farmers market this weekend. My mum and I make fresh baked goods, mostly from items grown locally or from our properties/farms. Its a full on busy weekend, once a month, but the local community love it and its growing slowly.
    Rebecca x

  6. No farmers market for me, enjoy yours and I love the photo's you made!

  7. I'm just trying to get over this cold, grr.

  8. LOVE that sentiment-it's just perfect.

    As for this weekend, John and I have lots of time together planned. I have a fridge stocked with brunch necessities, and I can't wait to enjoy hanging out with him!

  9. What I would most like to do is find some tulips like these! Alas, I'm sure I'll be working (one more weekend of this, then I'll be free!), but Saturday evening promises a night out with friends to listen to blues.

    Have fun at your market!

  10. Sunday I am going to help transport a dog that is being adopted and needs to get from MN to TX. But a bonus is that I get to visit my favorite Oriental Market that is 2 hours away. :)

  11. Åh!Herlige bilder og ord, flinke!*smile*
    Drømmer meg litt bort mens jeg titter innom her hos deg!

    Ønsker deg en flott flott torsdagskveld!
    klem fra meg

  12. Perfect! A hectic week so far with much conflict, I'm looking forward to peace this weekend ;)

  13. sounds like a nice little weekend. I have family events galore this weekend

  14. Så fine ord!
    Jeg blogger ofte, hihi :)
    Klem manu

  15. i love that quote!

  16. I adore the title of this post!

  17. i have tulips coming up on the blog soon too! I took lots of pictures. I must remember to upload them to flickr once theyve been posted!

    i also love the title of this post. I think i need to get it in a giant poster to hang in my office!