lørdag 26. februar 2011


Happy Saturday cupcakes!

How is your weekend coming along? Ours is treating us nicely so far!
Yesterday we had my brother over for dinner and wine and I suddenly realized that I just don't have enough Sancerre in my life - I will be working on that from now on! Tonight we are going to the movies with some friends to see 'True Grit' and I am really looking forward to that. Tomorrow I think we will be slacking around Grünerløkka and eat lunch at the Nighthawk Diner. And no noisy neighbors so far!

How about you? Anything exciting going on?

Enjoy your weekend!

20 kommentarer:

  1. Once again I work all weekend. My weekends are never exciting! Have a good one!

  2. Wonderful images! Love the colors...beautiful! Enjoy your weekend and the movies!
    Hugs xxx

  3. Love the pics!

    Nah, I´m taking it pretty easy this weekend which feels nice. Just a bit of cleaning, washing clothes and so on. :-)

    Enjoy your weekend! :-)

  4. working on something ;)

    happy weekend!

  5. Working, working, working! But your sweet pics made my day!
    Love, darling!

  6. what a delicious looking colour :). Sounds like a good plan for the weekend... I've been busy wondering the shops for a wedding that we'll go to at the end of April... my sister and I want something amazing to wear (usually we don't care but its the wedding of a neighbour we grew up with). The prices were so scary so we're still debting in what to do. Tomorrow I don't know yet what I'll do.

  7. homemade pizza & red wine on today's menu! Red wine is the essence of my existence ... well, sort of ;-)

    Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to tell us about the film!

  8. Hi dear Signe,
    I love this colors!
    Everybody is sick. The only one who is not sick, I am. And I am now slipped and fell down the stairs. Fortunately nothing is broken! The weekend goes well up for us
    I hope yours is better!!!!
    Big Hugs,

  9. Herlige grønne og lilla toner. VIL HA VÅR! NÅ!!!

    Kristine :)

  10. Love this color palette so much!! Gorgeous!

  11. I love that you call us cupcakes! :] Yay for no noisy neighbors!

  12. herlige farger, prøver å få det litt sånn hos oss!
    nu skal jeg se sippefilm :P
    fin lørdag!
    klem manu

  13. Wish I could say the same about the noisy neighbours:P We can hear everything and they just had people over, thankfully they went to bed early.

    Glad to hear you're having a good weekend.
    Mine's been nice too so far. Went on a little movie-shopping-spree, hoping to be a bit more productive tomorrow. Oh well, it's weekend though, that's when we're allowed to slack a little.

  14. How are you Signe? I feel like we haven't spoken in forever:-). My weekend is going great-we should be moving in our new house on Monday. Construction is completed and we closed on the house on Friday:-). Hope you're having a fab weekend lovely lady! XX

  15. What a pretty blog...I am soooo loving all your green glass. So beautiufl. Off to peek around some more...happy dance. xoxoxo

  16. Sounds like a lovely weekend:) Have a nice sunday and enjoy going to the movies:)

  17. That sounds like a wonderful weekend. I'm going to the cinema tomorrow evening with a friend and I can't wait! I haven't been for what seems like aaaages.


  18. You said you don't have enough Sancerre in your life? Is this a name of a wine? I wonder because I have a friend who lives in Sancerre, France where they make this wine!

  19. Glad you had a nice weekend! I'm terribly busy during this period, but I thought I would stop while I drink my coffee and go off to my Italian course and then work!

    A big hug!