lørdag 22. januar 2011

the sailors daughter

  1. Nautical Anchor Button Earrings [via]
  2. Dress [via]
  3. Shoes [via] 
  4. Navy Leather Pocket Notebook [via]
  5. 'Watching the Tide Roll In' print [via]
  6. Ghost Ship Men's Tie clip [via]
When you think about it spring is not really that far away? Stores are already filling up with spring wear and I am already starting to dream about warmer weather and sunny days. Let's hope these two next months fly by quickly and that march arrives soon with melting snow and longer days - so that we can finally hide away some of these heavy winter clothes!

And today we have been back to IKEA again to get a second desk and another desk chair. Luckily I think that is all the furniture we need at this point so we won't have to go back there for a while now! What about you - how have your weekend been so far?

~ ~ ~

Når du tenker på det så er det ikke så fryktelig lenge til våren? Butikkene fylles allerede nå opp med herlig vårtøy og jeg har så smått begynt å drømme om varmere dager og sol. La oss håpe at disse to neste månedene flyr forbi og at mars snart er her med snøsmelting og lengre dager så vi kan pakke bort tungt vintertøy på loftet!

I dag var vi forresten på IKEA igjen og pukket opp enda et skrivebord og en skrivebordstol så nå tror jeg omsider vi er ferdig med møbelshoppingen i denne omgang! Hva med deg - hvordan har helga di vært så langt?

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  1. I hope you're right about spring not being too far away! I need this snow to go away!!

  2. i love those wedges, i wish i could wear heels! Im too tall.

    Your blog is gorgeous :) i love it! I just bought a sewing pattern to make myself a nautical retro dress for spring time :)

  3. ohh I'm longing for spring, too!! but it's still snowing all day:/
    Hope you have a nice weekend;)

  4. I just love stripes, wish I had that dress! :-)

  5. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, shopping in different countries is fun. Lots of surprises. Especially in the food and grocery markets -- I didn't recognize ANY of the fruits or vegetables. (Ha.)

    Love your blog. You certainly have an EYE FOR STYLE.


  6. This is gorgeouuuuuuuus! So sick of winter right now. Come back summer, come back! Love these pictures, the earrings are to DIE for.

  7. oh, i love this little collection! beautiful and inspiring...i especially love the dress. we just got an h&m in my home town and i haven't even been there yet, can you believe that? hopefully soon! xo, katie

  8. Thank you!! If you decide to buy them, hurry because they're on sale:


  9. I love those earrings- so sweet- I like stripped things too- yesterday I saw a mom with a little girl wearing the cutests stripped pants- I was in the car or else I would have told her how great she looked!
    Have a good weekend my friend.

  10. Spring and Ikea... can it be better...?!!:)

    I follow your blog from now!

  11. Your beautiful collage makes me want to go sailing ;-)

  12. I've had a fun and relaxing weekend, writing letters and crafting... now I should really go and start dinner.

  13. I'm ready for warmer weather; Spring. These photos remind me of a summer vacation I took along the coast of Oregon.

    I need to get away. Let the ocean take over for a while.

  14. That is some Cute stuff!!!

  15. Love all of your picks! I really like the maritime theme that's so popular lately!

    I have been running errands, cleaning the house and had a fabulous lunch out with the family!

    Now some coffee anf blogging! Ahhhh - life is really wonderful!

    Happy weekend sweet friend!

  16. I love the Nautical theme ☼

  17. such beautiful photos to have us thinking about spring! :) as for me, i'm just thinking about getting this baby out this weekend, but that doesn't appear likely...

  18. Å jeg gleder meg til våren!
    Det er jo ikke så kalt ute lenger heller...
    Fine bilder du har satt sammen her :P

  19. oh gosh I can not wait for spring, winter is killing my soul

  20. Ohh you know how much I love that dress...Stipes rock!!!
    Muah, darling

  21. love this look!
    I'm counting down to spring in terms of weekends. I'm thinking I've got about 12 more weekends of inside home projects, movie marathons and books with blankets & kitty cuddles. Come April, it's outdoors all the way!! :)

  22. That style breathed some sunny sea breeze into my life. Much needed as my fingers are still purple from the cold outside! I hope the waves of summer soon start to wash up on us