mandag 13. desember 2010

monday morning randoms

~Pictures: WeHeartIt~

Good Monday morning cupcakes!
I am so glad to be up and jumping again and out of the house for the first time in what feels like ages! Isn't it strange how amazing it feels to have a few quiet days at home in the weekend or when you have holiday but when you are sick it gets old really fast and you are just dying to get back into society again?

This week I have a Christmas party with work to attend and I need to get a bit of Christmas shopping done. Among other things I need to find a moose roast somehow! I made one on Christmas Eve last year and now Cas thinks it should be a tradition. He is just crazy about traditions so I am pretty much prepared to eat moose roast on every Christmas Eve for the rest of our days...
I also need to get the apartment washed from top to bottom this weekend so that it is ready for Christmas and Cas moving in. Just 10 days now!!

What is your plans for the upcoming week? 

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God mandags formiddag!
Jeg er glad for å være oppe og ute igjen etter det som føles som en evighet innenfor husets fire vegger! Er det ikke rart hvor deilig det er å tilbringe noen dager hjemme i helga eller når du har ferie men om du er syk så er det bare kjedelig og du lengter etter å komme deg ut i samfunnet igjen?

Denne uken har jeg julefest med jobben og jeg må få handlet litt til jul. Blant annet må jeg finne en elgsteik en eller annen plass! Det lagde jeg nemlig på julaften i fjor og Casper synes det bør bli en tradisjon. Har er litt tullete etter tradisjoner så jeg er forberedt på å spise elgsteik på Julaften i mange år fremover...
Og til helga må jeg få tatt en skikkelig rundvask hjemme så leiligheten er klar for jul og for at Casper flytter inn. Bare 10 dager igjen nå!

Hvilke planer har du for uken som kommer?

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  1. Sounds like you'll be busy until Cas arrives. I'm all for traditions: turkey on Christmas Eve and smoked lamb (Icelandic tradition) on Christmas Day :-)

    I'm going to finish my Christmas shopping this week and do some baking ;-)

  2. Glad you are all better and ready for the week ahead!Moose roast sounds great and I cant believe that its only 10 days till Cas is moving in...You must be over the moon! Wish you a lovely day, darling


    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful home decor GIVEAWAY later today, just in time for Christmas!

  3. Hi Signe!
    Oh, I missed so much! But now I'm up to date, glad you feel better, and Cas is almost there, so happy for you! And also, congrats, more then 200 followers and your new style of photography is beautiful! I will try not to miss too much, hope you'll have a good week, and thanks for your comment today,
    Maureen x

  4. A moose roast? I lol! That's awesome! Love those holiday sweaters! XX!

  5. heia:)kor bra at du e fresk!her står gleden i taket over at nav har samarbeida,så nu e d ut og finn de siste pakkan og BLI FERDI M D! ellers har jo æ og grandiose plana om husvask,d blir vel i ingetempo,som han karlsson på taket sa;rolig,bare rolig:)
    veit ikkje kor man finn elg,men d ligg visst et bra kjøttutsalg i akersgata,der dem har rein og sånn...kanskje der?e visst bare åpent enkelte daga i uka dog...
    kos dæ og ha ei knall uka!

  6. Ja ikkje sant Inge, kor i verden finn man det? I fjor fant æ ei steik i frysedisken på Rema men det va vesst bære et lykketreff ser det ut til! Kanskje æ bære kan kjøp ei reinsteik å lur han trill rundt? ;)

  7. this week I plan on having FUN, and not taking everything so seriously :P
    Lilac and Grey

  8. Hyggelig å lese at du har blitt bedre :) Det er ikke helgen man vil være syk.
    Håper du finner elgstek et sted. Tror jeg har kjøpt det på smart club for en del år tilbake. Kanskje de fortsatt har det?
    Lykke til videre med juleforbredelser.
    klem Nina

  9. Oh sequins, I am so obsessed with anything to do with glitter and sparkle right now, love those sweaters! And oh my god, is that second photo real? Because it is absolutely too magical for words!!
    This week I will be joining you in cleaning our house from top to bottom for my parents arrival this Saturday, and we have to finish shopping, and decorating, and.... oh boy it is going to be a busy rushed week!!

  10. Wow - you have a busy but fun week ahead of you! Are you going to wear one of those sweaters?
    Hope the week is great!
    PS Please visit me and be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY!

  11. Oh wow. If you make moose roast I need to see pictures!

    I love the sweaters. I really want a nice black one with sparkles for Christmas this year.

  12. Love the pictures! You always seem to find the best...glad to hear you are feeling better!
    I want to get started on my Christmas cookies, I know, I am late, but other stuff keeps coming in between...mmh!

  13. How nice that you feel better! I have to wrap gifts, and go at the Christmas market
    this week!!!!
    Big Hugs,

  14. Beautiful pictures! Glad you're feeling better now! My plans for the week are to finish Christmas shopping (yes, I've left it late this year!)

  15. amazing post as always, signe.
    the next week i plan to gather with my friends at our favorite lounge cafe. haha. celebrating christmas mood.

  16. What an exciting 10 days ahead of you! I must admit, I have no idea where one would find a moose roast, but good luck! I don't think you could even find a butcher selling moose in San Francisco!

    So glad to hear you're feeling better!

  17. Oooh, that second photo is lovely! We're having a little holiday dinner party on Thursday evening and that's exactly the look we are going for. White winter wonderland!

  18. a few quiet days were just what i needed. i slept the whole weekend!! gearing up for a very busy week at work and in the studio. wishing you a wonderful week my dear!

  19. Oh that sounds like such a great holiday preparation! I've never had a moose roast before, is it good?? Normally for Christmas my Mom bakes a lamb and we pick up the side dishes from this tasty middle Eastern restaurant.


  20. Good to hear that you are refreshed!

    Love these images - so gorgeous!

    And have fun at the party!

  21. 10 days will fly by! Glad you are feeling better. I completely understand the cooped up feeling from when you are sick versus the relaxing-lets-not-leave-the-house feeling during hte weekends! Such lovely photos for a cold Monday morning!

  22. Its fantastic that you are feeling so much better now, I've never been seriously ill where I can't get out of bed but there are days when I just feel so exhausted that I don't want to do a thing.

    I hope you enjoy your work Christmas dinner and that you get the house ready in time for Christmas.

    I don't have any plans for this week as it is supposedly going to snow badly again toward the end of the week as well as be seriously cold... I'm hoping the weather mans got it wrong once again.

  23. 10 days, how exciting. Glad you are feeling better.

    Such a shame we dont live closer then I could share my hat collection with you and you could share your teacup lamp. :)

  24. Your week sounds pretty exciting! Mine not ;) just working for getting everything done for school :) Happy monday!

  25. i do love a sparkly sweater :)

    yay for Cas moving in! how exciting!

  26. love that last photo! so pretty!

    my plans this week: stay inside to avoid the huge blizzard we're currently experiencing in the midwest, drink hot cocoa, read + write like mad, and enjoy the gorgeous twinkle lights we finally put up :)

    xo Alison

  27. Beautiful pictures! I would love to have a sparkly sweater for a holidays


  28. Those pictures look magical together. I must admit I've never eaten moose meat. Sounds... interesting :)

    You characterized it perfectly. Holiday = home is good; sick = home is stifling. haha. Glad to hear you're feeling better!

  29. Wow you're a busy girl! So much going on this time of year. Good luck getting it all done, sweetie. And I just love all of the photos. Fabulous job, as usual! xoxo

  30. So glad to hear you are better now :)
    You have got some nice things to do, before Cas arrives, 10 days! You must be so excited ;)
    This week i need to finish some things for school, before i leave to Belgium on Saturday.

  31. wow...seems like you have your hands full this week just like me. i hope things come along nicely for you sweets!

    love these pics you've shared here...just purrrfect to make me exicted for the upcoming festivities!


  32. Oh Signe, I'm glad you're feeling better and it didn't turn into something worse. I'm finally feeling like myself after being miserably sick for a month and a half.


  33. Good luck with all of your list and with Cas moving in, how exciting!!!
    P.S. Sorry I've been absent the last few days, it was so crazy. Catching up now so all is good :)

  34. so excited to meet up with my girlfriends for dinner tonight! should be a fun get together. Good luck with all your shopping and have fun at your party too!

  35. 10 more days! Exciting!!

  36. Wow, LOVE these photos! Where did you find that second one? SO magical!

  37. I love the winter wonderland! Beautiful photos! xo

  38. Ooh, I'm simply loving the photo of the sequined sweaters!