torsdag 16. desember 2010

4 things

Got this tag from the lovely Amber Blue Bird and think it is a fun one so I'll play along :)
But I am going to do it in English only or it will be a mile long!

Four Shows I Watch:
1.   True Blood
2.   Dexter
3.   Heroes
4.   Entourage

The shows I watch on dvd counts right? Because if it doesn’t then I am in trouble! I just don’t watch much TV but Cas and I like to get our favorite shows on dvd and watch a few episodes every now and then if we get bored.

Four Things I Am Passionate About:
1.   Photography
2.   Books
3.   Music
4.   World of Warcraft

This is a tricky one because my attention span is very short and what I am passionate about one month can be something else entirely the next! Like with reading it can be ‘on’ for a long while and I just plow through 2-3 books a week and then suddenly it is ‘off’ and it can take two years before I pick up another book. And with wow I tend to play a lot during autumn and winter but less in spring and almost not at all during summer. 

I know – I am a bit strange…

Four Phrases I Say A Lot:
1.   'Wait what?!' - every time something surprises me
2.   'Pfffff!' - I don't believe you
3.   'Ow really..?' - nope, still don't believe you!
4.   'You can forget about it!' - no really - just forget it!

Four Things I’ve learned From The Past:
1.   My temper can get me in trouble...
2.   I rather have 1 really good friend than 100 acquaintances. Actually make that 1000 acquaintances! My friends are the kind that will jump on the first plane to come to your aid if you need it and I would do the same for them.
3.   My first impression about people is usually the right one. Unfortunately this is somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy since I don't tend to give second chances...
4.   Don't worry so much about what other people think about you! You can't please everyone so just be yourself and stay clear of the people that you don't 'click' with!

Four Places I'd like To Go:
1.   Thailand
2.   South Africa
3.   Trinidad and Tobago
4.   New Orleans

Four Things I Did Yesterday:
1.   Got a package in the mail from the lovely Mrs Hardy.  

PS: If you haven't seen her blog yet you need to check it out - she is very creative and talented and I still can't belive she made this diningroom table all by herself in a matter of hours!
2.   Ate a burger for lunch and just bread for dinner
3.   Played wow
4.   Skyped with Cas for hours

Four Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1.   Cas moving in with me the 23rd of December (duh!)
2.   Christmas
3.   New Years Eve up north with my family
4.   Finding a little cat friend or two that can move in with us

Four Things I Love About Winter:
1.   Northern lights or Aurora borealis
2.   Snow
3.   Christmas
4.   Downhill skiing

Four Things on My Wish List:
1.   A new cabinet or dresser for our apartment
2.   A desk that is big enough to fit both me and Cas but still does not look like a monster
3.   Tickets to Paris in spring
4.   A complete purple le creuset set

And To Round It Up - pass the tag on to 4 other bloggers:
1.   Jude from Food & Life
2.   Sarah Elizabeth
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Answer if you want to - but no pressure!
And to everyone else that wants to play along consider yourself invited as well!

I have also done one of these tags with different questions before and if you want to read those answers you can check them out here.

~all images from WeHeartIt~

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  1. i love this tag! i might do it, even though no one's tagged me :) your answers are great. i love that you play WoW. my ex played it for a few years while we were together and i played a little with him :) I would play it again now, but my computer is too slow!

  2. oh my goodness, everything le creuset is on my list as well! And I can't advocate you going to New Orleans enough--it's one of the best cities in the world. :)

  3. A great read. I love True Blood too. So true about one real friend than 1000 acquaintances. Happy for you and your excitement with Cas moving in - happy days!!
    Rebecca x

  4. I really loved reading your answers. How fun that you are planning to get kittens....I adore them:) Kisses, sweetie
    Hope you are having a lovely morning:)

  5. Beautiful entry :) I don't watch much t.v. either, and am passionate about books and photography. Oh, and I hope you find that perfect little cat friend or two soon. I have two myself, 'cause after the first one adopted me, he just seemed so lonely.

  6. A wonderful post ... and so nice to know these things about you! Tickets to Paris in Spring sounds perfect x

  7. p.s....I was looking through your lovely earlier posts and noticed you had a pic from Pinterest. I joined a few weeks ago...its such a great site! (I couldn't find you on it but my username is Joyti)

  8. It's lovely to know a bit more about you. Thank you for thinking of me x x

  9. Wow great pictures, you want to dive in.!

    A big kiss

  10. i love true blood! what a great show. i'm sad we have to wait until next summer for the new season.

    can't wait until you get a new kitty so we can see some cute pics oh him/her!

  11. I think it's AWESOME that True Blood is on your list. (It's so goood!)

    And you must get to New Orleans. It's a wonderful place. The food is incredible!!


  12. this was fun getting to know you. I love when people post things like this!


  13. awww.. i enjoyed reading this. we are passionate about the same sort of things. almost. :D

  14. oh so sweet and nice to learn more about you. I would love to go back to Paris in the Spring as well. And, I will certainly check out Mrs. Hardy. I have not been over to that blog yet! You must be so excited for Cas to move. Just a week away now!

  15. What great answers! But what I really like is the picture with the bookmark that reads, "Never judge a book by its movie." I may have to copy that quote myself!

  16. Oh, Signe, I love your answers!! Nice to get to know you a bit better, too!!
    I am excited about you wanting kitties!!! We have one kitty and one dog...I couldn't imagine life without them anymore!

  17. Did you say you wanted a set of PURPLE Le Creuset? ;-)

  18. Never judge a book by its movie! Ha, I love that!

  19. I love this. It's nice to get to know you through questions like these :)

  20. Love your list! I was tagged recently too. So fun. :) I bet you're excited about your beau moving in with you soon. Aweee. :)

  21. what a treat and a treasure to peek into your beautiful soul like this. and you must tell, what is the game "wow"? sounds super fabulous and interesting:) also, love that "never judge a book by its movie." perhaps the most sage bit of wisdom i've heard in a long while:)

  22. This such a fun idea for a post and I enjoyed reading it.

  23. this is SUCH a cute post idea!!

  24. oh yea! I love that you added photos to this, you always manage to find the best ones. Love it!

  25. Such a pretty post! And very fun to read too.
    I am with you on the reading thing. At the moment I find myself reading every day, but the moment I get busier with other things I might not read as much anymore, or at all, until the next phase of devouring books;)

  26. I love your choice of TV shows, and don't worry, I'm DVD-dependant, too! And that photo of the bookmark, "Never judge a book by its movie" is GENIUS!

    I just adore getting to know you better, my darling!

  27. Such a fun tag and I loved reading your answers! I'll take that trip to Paris in the Spring too :) xoxo

  28. great post - so fun learning more about you! We are getting a cat in January too! :D

  29. Nice post girl! Love the shows you watch. You should try Weeds, it's THE BEST and so so funny. South Africa is really great also, just thought I'd let ya know!

  30. Oh and you've won yourself another follower!

  31. Lovely post. I love reading these...and it was fun to find out that we've learned the very same things...

  32. Wow, Great post !
    And I love the pictures here !

    Wil you pleasce check out my blog ? You can follow me if you like (:

  33. This is lovely! Thanks for sharing ❤
    Boho Market Blog

  34. What a lovely post, I liked learning more about you. P.S I love all those TV Shows too!

  35. I watch Dexter and True Blood too. I love the compilation of images. Are those glazed cinnamon rolls? Thanks for sharing and drop by me too when you have time.


  36. liker dette! føler jeg blir bedre kjent med deg:)
    kjekt at du nevner meg, og så gode ord!
    takk :D
    klem m

  37. It was so fun to read and learn more about you! Thank you so much for sweetly thinking of me and I'll see if I can gather my scattered thoughts, (perhaps when holiday mania ends:)). I also love the pretty images you used to illustrate this post!