mandag 27. september 2010

monday morning randoms

Pictures: WeHeartIt

God mandags morgen!

Hvilke planer har du for uken som kommer? 
Selv venter jeg på å få byttet ut alle vinduene i leiligheten min, men er ikke sikker på når det skal skje enda. Hører arbeiderne bråker noe innmari om dagen når de går løs på de andre leilighetene i blokka!
Og siden høsten er kommet til Oslo med sine flotte farger så jeg tenker å ta en liten tur i botanisk hage å se om jeg kan få til noen fine høstbilder. Kommer litt an på været!

Ha en finfin uke søtnoser :)

~ ~ ~

Good Monday morning!

What plans do you have for the upcoming week?
I am waiting to get all the windows replaced in my apartment, but not quite sure when that will happen yet. When I am at home I can hear the carpenters make quite some noise when doing the other apartments in my building!

And since autumn have arrived in Oslo with its magnificent colors I will try to make time for a trip in the botanical garden and see if I can get some nice pictures. Depends a bit on the weather!

Have a lovely week cupcakes :)

20 kommentarer:

  1. this week i am planning to really really clean up my room and finish up the decorating :)

    planning to hang a string of photos on the wall , :) going to develop the photos soon

    have a lovely week to u too

  2. This little cat on the photo is so cute ! :)
    I haven't really got a special week coming. I have to do a lot studying and working.
    Hope the weather will be good for making pictures.

  3. Sounds like a lovely week! Besides the lack of windows part, that is... :-/
    I basically have to decide the future of the next four years of my life this week. University stuff. Blah blah blah. Not going to be very fun.
    Aww that cat is sooo cute!
    Thanks for your sweet comment! :)

  4. I'm not a cat person but I love the first two images. Wonderful week ahead, nothing special going on, I just feel it ;-)

  5. I am going to have a busy week with few projects and this post is a great start to this week...I love the images:)
    Have a lovely Monday,sweetie

  6. these are so sweet, I love them all!

  7. those pictures are really inspiring signe :)
    thanks for sharing.
    happy monday too :)

  8. Such great pics, I love the kitten one!

  9. Aw, such lovely images to start the week - hope yours is a great one (and have enjoyed your holiday photos a lot!)

  10. that little kitty is so cute! enjoy the autumn colours xx

  11. What a lovely blog you have! Thank you so much for stopping by mine. I am so happy to be introduced to you.

    Hope you have a wonderful week. I'm just getting back from a weekend trip so it's mostly work and catching up on life in the evenings. I'm looking forward to a little relaxation.

    Have a wonderful day! :)

  12. I would love to see the Oslo botanical gardens- through your lense.

    Have a great week!

  13. It sounds like you have a few plans for your week. Mine when I'm working is only to work unless I need something from the supermarket which I know is boring but I work until 4pm 3 days a week and stores close at 5pm which then means your stuck in traffic.

    I hope you have better weather then us this week so that you can wonder out and take photographs to share with us:)

  14. Your pictures are really nice. A very sweet choice.

  15. I trip to the gardens sounds like a wonderful idea. I am sure you will get some amazing photos

  16. my heart just bounced. These are just too pretty! Magical!

  17. I want that kitten!

    Have a great week! I'll be working and working and working some more :)

  18. These images are so beautiful and calming! Perfect to start the week off with!

  19. Soooooo cosy!
    Wonderful photos, and really cute blog...makes one want to spend time here ;-) (not good news to a mega busy mom, ha-ha...) but thanks anyway.

  20. The botanical gardens sound lovely!