fredag 3. september 2010

Grip dagen!

I dag rett etter jobb ruslet jeg innom 'godt brød' og kjøpte en baguette, en stor kirsebær- og sjokolade milkshake fra 'nighthawk diner' og septemberutgaven av danske Elle på Narvesen. Så fant jeg meg en benk i Birkelunden hvor jeg satt å spiste og koste meg i sola. Deilig!

Today after work I stopped by my favorite bakery and picked up a fresh baguette, a cherry-chocolate milkshake from Nighthawk Diner and the September issue of Danish Elle. Was looking for UK Elle but totally fell in love with the retro cover on this one! Then I walked over to the park and enjoyed what could very well be one of the last summer days in Oslo. Bliss!

 And I would like to congratulate Henk (my not-yet-father-in-law) with his new job! What great news to get on a Friday afternoon :)

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  1. Oh I always forget to wait for your verification code and lose comments... silly me

    That looks exciting and I hope you had a beautiful time in the sun enjoying it.

    Congratulations Henk, that is fantastic news :).

    Enjoy your weekend

  2. that milk shake looks delicious!

  3. oh that looks lovely!

    I wish I could stop in a pick something THAT good up.

    Love the cherry one top!

    Have a nice weekend

  4. Wow I LOVE IT!!!
    Your blog is wonderful!!!

    Kisses :)
    Daniela DSC Milano

  5. that milkshake looks delicious!and no wonder you fell in love with the cover - it`s gorgeous! :)


  6. Yum, looks like a great afternoon!

  7. That milkshake sounds delicious

  8. Sounds like you had a splendid afternoon and that milkshake looks so yummy. Congrats to your future father-in-law and happy weekend. xx

  9. Pure deliciousness!
    Have a great weekend. xx

  10. cherry chocolate milkshake is yummmy ♥ Glad u have a great day